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Dock Construction Methods--ALUMINUM OR FIBERGLASS

Our construction methods provide high quality fiberglass catamaran style dock systems. They are designed to be low maintenance, trouble free, and to have a long serviceable lifespan.

Hull fiberglass is a multi-layered mat and roving combination. Five watertight compartments are built into each hull, with internal hull foam floatation offered as an extra option. Custom made decking is made from 1" tongue and groove fir plywood which is sealed, bonded, cambered, screwed, fiber glassed, and gel coated with non skid. This provides an extra strong, rigid, sound, and durable deck. The optional dock ramp is built with an all fiberglass foam core which makes it lightweight yet very strong. High grade marine gel coat and resin is used throughout the entire dock and ramp manufacturing  process.

Each step in the manufacturing process is carefully undertaken to provide the most reliable, stable, and watertight dock-system available.

twin hull constructionhigh quality construction with care 5 watertight compartments in each hull
applying fiberglass to dock interior workers installing prepared dock-deckcustom made dock decking
a new dock comes out of the moldfiber-glassed and gel coated with non skidmanufacturing factory

Optional features available include a choice of bumper colors and profiles, skid plates for those worried about rocky beach shores. powder coated ladders, boat whips, flip up cleats, slides, diving boards, outboard motor mounts, party deck railings, mooring systems, canopies, and more. Custom sized docks and swim platforms are available upon request.

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