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waterfront shuswap lake dock

Examine the Full Features that make our boat docks highly desired by boaters, marina operators, and waterfront property owners. Unique design qualities and versatility along with nearly limitless layout possibilities combine into a dock system that's far superior to "typical" aluminum, plastic, and treated wood docks.

Powerable Docks:

8 feet wide and up to 31 feet long fiberglass catamaran style with twin 30 foot hulls with bows for smooth entry into waves. Use as a dock under power, party deck, or barge. Optional deck height from standard 13 inches free board to 20 inches.

Stationary Docks:

Same as Powerable Dock but with blunt bows and transoms for stationary moorings.

Marina and Resort Layouts:

By combining our ramps, docks, and fingers a first class high end moorage docking system is available for small waterfront resorts and large marinas.

resort dock systems larger marina dockage system

Hull Features:

Two 30 foot hulls support up to 10,000 lbs., with five watertight compartments in each hull. Internal hull foam floatation is optional.


Custom made for our docks: 1inch tongue and groove fir plywood, sealed, bonded, cambered, screwed, fiber glassed and gel coated with non-skid providing an extra strong, rigid, desirable deck.

Additional Freeboard

Optional additional freeboard is also available to enhance a new dock. From 12" to 20".

additional dock freeboard optional dock freeboard closeup


Continuous PVC bumpers manufactured by Dock Edge are standard on all docks to provide protection for your boat. Optional profiles and colors available.

Skid Plates:

Optional aluminum skid plates available for those concerned about rocky shores.

Bracket and Hinge Hardware:

Bracket and hinge hardware is custom designed out of stainless steel for our docks. This provides durable, strong, and maintenance free hardware for using ramps, docks, and fingers. Stainless bolts and required parts are provided. See our Dock Hardware web page.

custom stainless steel hardware

Dock Ramp:

(not included, offered as an extra option)

40inch x 20 feet long. An all fiberglass foam core provides a lightweight, strong, practical entrance from beach or dock. Nonskid. Supports.

20ft dock ramp from beach strong 10ft dock ramp

Durability & Strength

Our boat docks are designed and well built for a long and enduring lifespan. The inherent strength of these docks shows in their abililty to withstand the rigors of heavy boat and foot traffic and the natural elements in almost every type of climate. This strength in design is also an asset when docks need to be easily removed from the water and stored.

boat dock being lifted and showing strength docking system that is easily stored

Available Optional Features:

Optional features available include a choice of bumper colors and profiles and skid plates for those worried about rocky beach shores. Other options include ladders, powder coated ladders, boat whips, flip up cleats, slides, diving boards, outboard motor mounts, party deck railings, covers, mooring systems, canopies, and more.


Our boat docks are designed with a low maintenence, trouble free, and long serviceable lifespan in mind.

Suggested Maintenance:

Every 5 years recoat surface with 2 gallons of gel coat with non skid. Approximate cost is $100.00 and 2hrs work.

Damage Repair:

Easily repair hull damage in case of mishap. Onsite with only a few hours labor with basic tools.

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