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Our boat docks, ramps, and dock-fingers combine to create custom size marinas. A large or small marina can be designed to meet the needs of boaters and of the natural shoreline.

Wide and spacious docks provide safe access to moored boats and watercraft. The decking is designed to be extra strong and sound giving a very solid feel underfoot. The deck also features a non-skid gelcoat top coat.

By adding fingers to the main docking sections you can increase the number of boats your Marina can host. Just like the larger docks the fingers provide safe and stable areas for entering and exiting water-craft.

Custom designed stainless steel bracket and hinge hardware is used to join marina sections.

Our Marina Dock-System is designed give you the layout options that best suit your mooring needs. Durable, low maintenance, and visually attractive are the qualities that make this the ideal choice.

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